Live Telemetry (MCT) 24hrs – Up to 30 days

Live Mobile Cardiac Telemetry is extremely easy to perform and is one of the most valued diagnostic tools available to manage and diagnose cardiac abnormalities. Live MCT uses modern day cellular technology to send cardiac data live to our Certified Cardiac Technicians who monitor and identify cardiac abnormalities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the near real time capabilities of this technology, our CCT licensed technicians can also provide escalated reports as needed.  This ability is not possible with traditional Holter or 30 day cardiac event monitors.  

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Monitors and Patient Supplies – Versa Cardio provides as many MCT recorders and patient supply kits as needed to meet the demands of your practice.  This includes: our new Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Monitors, instructions, patient diary, electrodes, battery and alcohol pads. All at no cost.

Superior Reports – At Versa Cardio, our CCT technicians custom generate every summary, ongoing and final telemetry report for each patient.  Many of our competitors simply generate automated reports that lack the detail, clarity and ease of understanding that our reports are famous for.  

Superior Customer Service – Our team of people, our technologies and processes, were developed and perfected to deliver the absolute best in personalized, professional cardiac monitoring and patient care.  We have no automated phone systems, all calls are answered by real humans who can assist providers or patients equally and immediately.  Our monitoring devices are extremely user friendly and our reports are simply the best in the industry.  Our staff are highly trained not only as CCT's but also in the art of "Excellence in Customer Service".  Every process throughout the monitoring period is handled with the utmost care, consideration and professionalism.