With the rising costs of operation, successful health care providers must use cutting edge diagnostics and services to improve patient care and patient retention. The right technology and services determine the success of the health care provider and the overall experience and well being of the patient. Our advanced mobile cardiac telemetry services successfully help increase patient retention and patient care.

What is Telemetry Monitoring?

"Live" mobile cardiac telemetry is a way of monitoring a patient's heart rhythms live over a 24-hour period and up to 30+ days. The patient wears a single small MCT cardiac monitor around the waist and has only 3 electrodes attached to various areas of the chest.

Why is Telemetry Monitoring used?

MCT telemetry monitoring helps the doctor evaluate irregular heart rhythms and especially difficult transient cardiac events, in a near real time environment. This test is done while the patient is continuing with their regular daily activities and the MCT device uses cellular technology to automatically send heart data for evaluation. Daily strips and on-going reports are sent to the physician.

Three electrodes are placed in different areas of the patients chest area.

How does Versa Cardio disburse equipment?

Equipment is disbursed when a physician or office would like to prescribe and administer our advanced cardiac MCT monitoring for medically necessary patients.

How long does it take to receive results?

Results are delivered usually daily or intra-daily as needed. At the end of the monitoring period a summary report is generated.

How do I get replacement supplies?

Our automated systems monitor supply levels and when supplies to administer to a new patient are running low in your office we ship you additional supplies automatically. You can also request additional supplies for patients by contacting us via phone at 1-855-329-5794, free of charge!

How do I know the equipment is working?

We monitor the equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we detect any issues with the equipment or electrode placement on the patient, we will notify the patient and you and your team.

How does Versa Cardio provide the cardiac devices and supplies without cost?

The available CPT codes include technical components which have accounted for the expense and cost of the equipment and supplies, etc. We bill the patients insurance for the technical CPT components. This is how we get reimbursed.